Personal experiences

Members share ways in which their practice has become a way of life.

In the newsletter of Sept-Oct. '08, the following was published:

None can progress (on the linear scale) in the art of TaijiQuan unless of course, the practitioner chooses to integrate the art into his daily life. That is the meaning of TaiJiQuan as 'A Way of Life.' In this spirit, you are asked to write a column for every issue of our newsletters describing a technique or an approach you used to promote mindfulness, effortlessness and harmony outside classes. It may be a small modification in the way you typed on your keyboard, a correction in your standing posture while working for five hours under the burning sun or handling influenza. It could be anything at all to inspire your fellow practitioners and shed a creative light to approach the art differentyly, wisely. After all, isn't wisdom the right application of your knowledge?



In the conflict situation I intentionally slow down the rhythm of my “function” and concentrate on the dantian and on smaller details of the environment, not to let me entering into personal connotation of the event. It works five times out of ten :)

While driving in a big highway I try to see the traffic current as a whole system changing it’s parameters all the time and try to guess intuitively the best way of maneuvering – to advance with a stable speed avoiding using breaks. [To exclude during the rush hour :)]

While speaking with a person to pronounce only things you mean and wish to “materialize”, keeping looking at the interlocutor

When I find myself in an unknown and crowded place, which provokes in me the feeling of being lost and insignificant I try to concentrate on the dantian and imagine my aura grows around me in all the directions, it somehow transforms the space -seeming chaotic-  into a more friendly environment.


This is so simple it's almost embarrassing to bring attention to it, but I smile to people, consciously, especially in situations where they expect agressivity instead. For instance when stopping to let people cross the road, something pedestrians usually have to fight for, I make eye contact and smile. It's a wondrous experience, like witnessing a sudden ray of sun: in the face of the smile, they drop their "closed-face" mask and allow their goodness to shine back – and you can see how glad they are, at that moment, to be able to drop the defensive mask and respond to light with light. In this simple way is an uplifting moment shared between "strangers."


I recently read that "before you have experienced never try to help anybody" because you might mess up with the other person, you might be trying to give an apple it turns out to be a cactus fruit to the other person.

Working on adding a small modification in the way I eat.

I always knew that I eat fast, but I have never observed how that happens. Some of my fellow practitioners observed that I move fast and non-stop while eating my food or dessert. I keep on moving the fork or the spoon around and get ready for a bite before the earlier bite is over. For this I started to pay more attention on my behavior. Eating in slower pastes, taking time in grabbing the food from the plate, thus giving some different meaning to the stomach that was not used to this paste.    

Eventually it can turn effortless, decreasing- removing all additional movements

Another hint on the side. Get back to the old newsletters from time to time and read them. You will be amazed on how much information you have missed and how much information is being repeated while you are not able to track it.  


Lately, I have been paying more attention to my body posture during work in front of the computer. I take my time to stretch every hour or so, rest my eyes and spread my vision on the beautiful nature outside and thus promoting an inner calmness that will allow me to continue my day ina more positive way.