Pathlessness News 2010

Last updated June 9

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    October 23: Performance
    Mini Cooper event

    The Pathlessness team performed in Mouawad Palace last saturday (October 23rd) for the Mini Cooper adventure afterparty. A "Zen Corner" was created for both Taiji quan and Yoga; we took turns in performances allowing thus the visitors to marvel and inquire about these ancient practices.
    Here is the link for the event, search closely to catch our photos!  

    June 6: Competition
    Lebanese Wushu Championship

    The Lebanese Championship took place in Anjar,on sunday june 6. Four Pathlessness members participated in the following:

    TaijiQuan Barehands:

    -Viken Demerdjan: Chen 56 (Gold Medal)

    -Joumana Medlej: Chen 56 (Silver Medal)
    -Crystal Safadi: Freestyle Taijiquan Barehand (Gold Medal)


    -Hagop Kayabalian: Freestyle Wushu Barehand (Gold Medal)

    Avedis sat as head judge , while Liza took over the judging software, Annabelle assisting, and the rest along with other Federation members acted as judges for the youth categories.  

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    April 24-25: Seminar
    Intensive Wushu

    30 PathLessNess members of various age groups, headed to a 2-day seminar in Ain Aar, which was open to advanced and beginner Wushu practitioners alike. Day 1 was dedicated to warm-ups, light partner exercises, followed by burst exercises in the form of games opposing 4 teams, ended with forms and intensive wushu practice.
    Day 2 started with running, stretching exercises and balances. The different class levels also  created short performances with the wushu coordination movements they have learnt. The group games continued with endurance and burst exercises, with a finale of weirdest performances. After a break it continued with form corrections, jumps and stretching. With a group photo we went home with energetic smiles looking forward to upcoming trainings!

    March 21: Competition
    Boghos Koundakdjian Cup

    On March 14, 2010, Pathlessness members participated in the Lebanese Cup just one week after having returned from the European Championships:
    Barbara and Crystal participated in the Taijiquan barehand freestyle.
    Judging was also among our members' duty; aside the great efforts Avedis Seropian places to have more international standardized competitions in Lebanon, this time our group was responsible of judging one whole category of competitiors, thus gaining experience not only on the competition carpet but also from behind the eyes of the judges.

    March 7-13: European Wushu Championship
    Antalya, Turkey

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