Pathlessness News 2009

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    November 24: Competition
    4th PathLessNess Intra-competition

    13 competitors performed in a total of 10 events from across the spectrum of Wushu and TaijiQuan, including freestyle forms. For the first time in our intra-group competition history, we had single and group demos: individual demonstrations of JianShu and GunShu, group demonstration of TJQ spear form and a Duilian fight.

    November: International Championship
    10th World Wushu Championship, Toronto, Canada

    PathLessNess was represented by Avedis Seropian, F.H. (freestyle TaijiQuan & TaijiJian) and Vicken Demirdjian (Chen 56 and TaijiJian 42).

    "Having been a participant athlete in 4 previous World Championships, my first observation was the ocmmercial tone of the event, with many dance troupes exhibiting different dance styles and long speeches...
    After a dreamless sleep, we headed for the games at 7:30 am where the women were about to compete in TaijiQuan style. [They were] astonishing in their performance... The softness and the agility observed with the women's performance was completely lacking when it came to men's TaijiQuan. It was as if the whole art had been reduced to a couple of high jumps and squats, along with the demonstration of a few compulsory movements of TaijiQuan.
    Day after day, we headed to the coliseum and watched the 14-hour games, and after five days we came to the following conclusion: "Modern Wushu" is sacrificing much of its richness just to be approved as an Olmpic event. The same old issue of sacrificing depth for popularity.
    The question is: Will there be enough individuals seeking the depth to stand up for another dying breed?"

    Sept 5-6: Seminar
    Intensive Wushu

    A 2-day seminar, open to advanced and beginner Wushu practitioners alike, took place at the foot of Mt Sannine. Day 1 was dedicated to stretching, burst exercises in the form of games opposing two teams, Ti Tui and the introduction of a few self-defense techniques using vital points. Day 2 went additionally into power exercises, more self-defense techniques and a form to memorize them before practicing forms according to the level of each. The day ended in balances and we went home having pushed our bodies to the limit of their performance!

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    July 2 to 5: Competition
    Arab World Wushu Championship

    On July 2 till 5, Lebanon hosted the 5th Arab Wushu Championship in Fouad Chehab center, Jounieh.

    Pathlessness members initiated the opening ceremony on July 2 at 4 pm with a Wushu performance of kicks, jumps and coordinations; a Taijiquan group performance followed and an acrobatic show by Avedis and Hagop which was deemed of international level by the head of Lebanese Kung Fu Federation Mr. George Nseir.

    PLNers participated as well in competitions the next days as part of the Lebanese team. The ladies, Joumana Medlej, Crystal Safadi, and Annabelle Shadarevian were the only competitors in Taijiquan barehand and sword routines. Hagop Kayabalian competed in ChangQuan and GunShu, Avedis Seropian and Viken Demerdjian competed among others form Yemen and Tunis in Taijiquan barehand and Sword forms. (For more refer to newsletter Pathlessness Hors-serie)

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    May 2-3: Seminar
    Energy Work and Intensive Practice

    Taking advantage of the long May Day weekend, we gathered for a 3-Day, 2-night seminar in Maasser el Chouf.

    Training started on Friday with Taijiquan training and 42 form correction, ending with a light dancing party.

     A training set was repeated on the next two morning Saturday and Sunday including:  Da Mo set (newly introduced ) followed by Shaolin sets of warm up, Qi Gong, and elements contemplations. Saturday’s training continued with a walk-run to the Chouf Cedars/ or Chen training, a light Wushu practice for all participants with coordinations and choreographed movements. Saturday hours of practice were concluded with partner and group energy works. Sunday’s focus shifted to form corrections, one on one, and video recordings to track down the mistakes and corrections. (For more details refer to newsletter issue 29)

    February 1: Introduction
    Introduction to TaijiQuan

    This year was kicked off by an introduction to TaijiQuan held in Babel theater, attended by 12 guests.

    The intro started with a small 8 minutes TJQ demonstration performed by Avedis, Annabelle, Barbara, Crystal and Joumana. It was followed a brief explanation of the different style in TJQ, the hard and soft styles, and most importantly Breathing awareness where the simple exercise of counting one’s breath in a minute was carried out.

    Next was the section of practical applications with: 4 exercises of Qi Gong each directed towards an area of attention such as the center of the hands or space between the fingers; and TJQ basics in which the attendees were divided among assistants for better assimilation of the movements.

    During the intro difference between TJQ and Qi Gong was clearly set. The attendees left with new acquired methods that can be applied individually without necessarily enrolling in classes, thus raising the overall level of awareness.

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