Pathlessness News 2008

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    December 15: Competition
    PLN IntraCompetition

    The 3rd PLN competition took place December 15 2008 at AFIL.  It brought together about 10 participants mostly in TJQ (bare hand and sword forms) and Wu Shu. The competition took place in an atmosphere of positive attitude and constructive objectiveness. It seems that recent competitions are becoming more and more a means of formation rather than judging, an opportunity to evaluate the results of the work that’s been accomplished and take notes for future efforts.

    A fuller account is published in our news;etter of Jan-Feb '09, but due to a glitch in the Matrix the results table did not make it into print. Here it is, therefore:

    From the Judge's Desk:

    42 combined
    Trial score for Comparison
    Grp. C
    Group B grade
    Annabelle Shadarevian 4.6 2.25     6.85 7.1 2
    Nathalie Cherfane 4.6 2.15     6.75 8.05 2.45
    Hiam Jarrouj 4.3 1.95     6.25 6.15 1.9
    Nada Daouk 4.8 1.95     6.75    
    Tatiana Bocharova 4.5 2.6   -2,7 4.4 6.9 2.8
    Crystal Safadi (Optional) 4.4 1.95 0.9 -0.2 7.05 7.35 2.45
    Bob Khazzaka 4.6 1.8     6.4 6.6 2
    Vicken Demirjian 3.9 2.3 -0.4   5.8 6.9 2.5
    Michel Faddoul 4.6 1.9     6.5    
                8.15 2.3
    Chen 23/56    
    Athlete Grp.A Grp.B Grp. C Deductions Total    
    Joumana Medlej (Chen 56) 4.3 2.55     6.85    
    Nathalie Cherfane 4.8 1.4     6.2    
    Annabelle Chadarevian 4.8 1.65     6.45    
    Taolu ChangQuan    
    Athlete Grp.A Grp.B Grp. C Deductions Total    
    Hagop Kayabalian (Freestyle) 3.6 2.15 0.2   5.95 5.9 2.5
    Michel Faddoul (Old Int'l) 4.2 1.89     6.09    
    Crystal Safadi (Old Int'l) 4.3 2.25     6.55    
    Hagop Kayabalian (Old Int'l) 4.3 2.32   -0.2 6.42    
    Taolu TaiJiJian 42    
    Athlete Grp.A Grp.B Grp. C Deductions Total    
    Annabelle Chadarevian 4.4 2.3     6.7   2.3
    Hiam Jarrouj 4.7 2.15   -0.1 6.75   2
    Vicken Demirjian 4.1 2.2     6.3   2.15
    Michel Faddoul 4.3 2     6.3   1.95

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    November 28-29: Seminar
    Integration by Avedis Seropian

    On the high mountains of Lebanon, in Bcharreh, Pathlessness members were greeted by a practitioner’s family to their home with garden for a seminar Entitled: Integration.

    The cold weather required a raise in our vibration level and thus a set of breathing-peripheral-central practices took place. The Mantis form was taught, a form joining both internal and external styles, as part of the Integration.

    Many energy interaction exercises happened: measuring our energy fields, one on one experimentations, energy defense mechanisms, and releasing energy from certain body areas that can be of help in injuries.

    The conclusion was not to conclude rather to admit the mystery.

    A full account including exercises is published in our newsletter of Jan-Feb '09.

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    November 3-16: Championship
    1st West Asian Championship, Iran

    The 1st West Asian championship, in Bandar Abbas, Iran, was a crowning of our beloved instructor as he came in First, West Asian Champion in both barehand and sword routines with respective scores of 9.26 and 9.28. The Iranian federation, known for the quality of their training, also named him Athlete of the Championship.

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    October 16-19: Championship
    European Wushu Championship, Poland

    The 2008 European championship took place in Poland

    Avedis Seropian represented Lebanon at the Poland events in TJQ barehand and sword routines (with difficulty movements). Despite technical issues, he achieved a score of 9.02 for the first and 2nd place forthe second.

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    August 30-31: Seminar
    by Avedis Seropian

    We returned to Maasser el Chouf for a two-day program that included an early morning run of 4.2 km up to the cedar reserve, personalized feedback regarding our practice and needs, QiGong and external training.

    A full account is published in our newsletter of Sept-Oct '08.

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    August 27: Competition
    PLN trial competition

    This competition was a rehearsal for the real one that would take place in December. Freestyle routines for TJQ and Wushu were tested, and much feedback was received from the Judge, to be corrected for next time. Common mistakes that were highlighted included rhythm and technical errors. performance was graded, to be compared the upcoming competition's grades, hoping there would be improvement and not deterioration!

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    August 17: Football!
    PLN Cup

    A friendly competition took place between 12 PLN members divided into 4 teams: red, Green, Blue and White!

    The detailed scores are published in our newsletter of Sept-Oct '08.

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    June 14-15: Seminar
    Intensive practice by Avedis Seropian

    The seminar took place at a summer house next to the beach. Its main focus of practice converged to modern day Wuhsu and TaiJiQuan difficulties including Jumps, power and squats, and balances. Thus both TJQ and Wushu athletes could benefit from a high level of conditioning.  

    The 2 days workout combined a proper warm up, stretching , power exercises for the legs and a set of balances that was to be repeated on both days along with a 30 minutes run on Sunday morning.

    Jump practice was combined with balances. The uneven ground of the field in which the practice took place made it a great challenge to stabilize upon landing and taking of.

    To conclude with, a sheet with all the modern difficulties was distributed in order to fill it with the instructor, decide on the chosen difficulties that can be executed and check the current level of the practitioner. A set of exercises targeting the desired difficulties was proposed on individual basis to be practiced for one month period then re-check the level attained.  

    It was an overall very benefiting seminar in terms of physical conditioning since the following classes of that week witnessed an increase in jump levels and power!

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    March 1-2: Seminar
    Winter Maintenance by Avedis Seropian

    The first seminar of 2008 took place at Centre Mariapoli in Ain Aar. The intensive practice featured parallel programs so that all members, whether from external or internal practice or both, could work the whole time. Practice sessions included alignment, running, jump/stances conditioning and technical correction, but mostly focused on Tui Shou and Chin Na, culminating in a friendly Tuishou competition to conclude the weekend. Members preparing their 3rd Ji received an introduction to the meaning of the degree and additional insights on the various degrees' relationships to each other. All participants are required to hand in their practice aim(s) for 2008, the 3 forms they will present at the exam, and a write-up of their experience of Pathlessness.

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    February 20-25: Championship
    International Tournament of Wushu, Teheran, Iran

    The initial purpose of the tournament was West Asian Qualification, but it later turned out to be an International event paving the way of the professionals into the Olympics. Only 2 athletes, accompanied by the president of the Lebanese Wushu-Kung Fu federation, represented Lebanon. Over the years, Avedis Seropian was the only athlete from Lebanon who could pass the threshold of 9.00, usually awarded only to Asian players (with his highest score in Doha, during the 15th Asian Olympic Games, a 9.05). This time however, the judges awarded him 9.26, placing him 2nd after the champion by 0.09 difference in the scores. China had a brilliant performance, Persians because of their harmonious links with Chinese instructors also had an advanced level in their performance.

    Before going to Beijing last November, I “knew” it was time for me to withdraw from such tournaments, for they are taking completely a different direction now. Tehran was really needed for it clarified my vision as much as the “competitive” aspect of our art is concerned: My experience may be valuable (as an international judge and as an athlete with many records) to be passed to the younger generation, for it is my duty as the only available athlete in the field of internal arts to provide a successor; one that may have an opportunity to partake in the Olympic games in the next four years, now that Wushu is an international sport. It is therefore important to observe with alertness if there are adolescents who may be needing such a transformative practice which may not only bring them a few medals and boost their ego, but may change the entire course of their lives… as you know this art has that effect! Peacefully, A.

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