Pathlessness News 2007

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    November 11-17: Championship
    The World Wushu Championship, Beijing, China

    The 9th World Wushu Championships that took place at the Olympic Sports Center Gymnasium in Beijing-China was organized with an outstanding effort, for it was the prelude to the Olympic games that would take place in the same gymnasium 9 months later. The event itself was part of a bigger chain of events taking placing under the title of HaoYun Beijing ("Good Luck Beijing"). Excitement was to be seen everywhere. Months in advance, the markets were selling Olympic gadgetry. This particular Wushu tournament had the highest number of participants per category (80-120 athletes per category for TaoLu). Avedis Seropian represented Lebanon in the TaiJiQuan and TaiJiJian events (self-made choreography designed on the basis of the new rules of Wushu, including difficulty movements such as spinning kicks, low squat balances). Though he scored higher than in any of his past championships, the increased number of athletes left Avo out of the World Top 10. He however retains his position among hte Top 3 in Europe.
    One of the things worth mentioning here is the age of the participants. During the 6th World wushu championships back in 2001, you could see famous “masters” (up to 40 years old) participating. Nowadays, with the competition criteria changed to favor performance and acrobatics, the oldest athlete is 25-26 years old.
    Good Luck Beijing and Modern Wushu!

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    September 5-7: Championship
    The Arab World Wushu Championship

    Avedis Seropian and Vicken Demirdjian represented PathLessNess and Lebanon at the event, which took place in Egypt.

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    August 26: Workshop
    Introduction to TaijiQuan

    About 15 newcomers and beginners climbed to a lovely pine forest in Ain Dhara to practice. The 6-hour program animated by Krystal Safadi, Joumana Medlej, Barbara Drieskens, and Tatiana Bocharova was a practical introduction to TaijiQuan practice. It covered fundamentals (posture, breathing...), basic movements (stationary or walking) and the partner experience of Tuishou ("pushing hands"), in a mixture of class-style training and experimental exercises.

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    August 19: Workshop
    The Inevitability of Hierarchy

    A day of practice and discussion took place at a monastery in Gharzouz. The day opened with warm-up and Qigong exercises, followed by breakfast and a discussion elucidating the notions of Stages of Development, Levels and Waves. Technical practice followed, then a set of exercises introduced by Barbara Drieskens, Joumana Medlej and Krystal Safadi, the overall purpose of which was to create different experiences in the practice of the form. The workshop closed on further technical practice.

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    August 7: Competition
    PathLessness Intraclub Competition

    Our second competition gathered 13 participants in Aghpalian, with the following scores:

    Difficulties M
    Vahan Kassardjian 7.6
    Hagop Kayabalian 7.1
    Non-difficulties M
    Vicken Demirdjian 8.7
    Michel Faddoul 7.65
    Kevork Djoulfayan 7.3
    Difficulties F
    Liza Barikian 7.3
    Tatiana Bocharova 7.2
    Non-difficulties F
    Annabelle Shadarevian 7.85
    Krystal Safadi 7.75
    Barbara Drieskens 7.6
    Vicken Demirdjian 8
    Michel Faddoul 7.7
    Kevork Djoulfayan 7.4
    Barbara Drieskens 7.4
    Annabelle Shadarevian 8
    Dina Zebouni 7.8
    Krystal Safadi 7.5
    Hiam Jarrouj 7.3
    Joumana Medlej 7.75
    Hagop Kayabalian 8.85
    Michel Faddoul 7.8

    For the detailed grading, download the excel sheet.

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    July 20-21: Seminar
    Intensive Wushu

    An almost equal number of beginning and advanced Wushu practitioners gathered at the Hotel Alpine, Arz, for a two-day seminar animated by Avdis Seropian. The event covered the full warm-up process that we don't usually have time to do in class, technical basics, stretching, innovative precision exercises introduced by Liza Barikian, and form practice as well as discussions. Senior members "adopted" newer ones and were responsible for their accurate grasping of the techniques transmitted. Much fun was had by all in the gorgeous mounatin setting!

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    April 28-29: Seminar
    Intelligent Combination of Wai QiGong and Nei QiGong

    One of our most important seminars took place in the valley beneath Bayssour. Keywords: Detoxification and alignment: Right Here, Right Now. A dense program rich in detailed material from both systems was transmitted and practiced over the two days. Several hours on Sunday were dedicated to a QiGong "marathon" linking all the exercises together in a succession uninterrupted by speech, but enhanced by the natural environment and flowing river.

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    End April - Early May: Transformation

    Path Four has taken flight and is now known as Pathlessness. As you can see, the change has been marked with a modified logo and website design. For a full account of the group history so far and the dynamics of this change, read Towards a New Paradigm.